“In her photographs presented here, Laura J. Padgett remembers what is to become and the disappearance of that which was. They embody par excellence the detached motion with which time advances, recalling to mind the words second, from
Latin secare (to disconnect, to sever), and tempus, from Old Greek tmein (to carve, to scribe). In both these terms and the artist’s photographs…, the cut is still evident. This disjunction is what enables memory in the first place: no absence, no memory.

Memory at its inception is necessarily cut off from its object, separated by an irreversible schism… Revealing the traces of temporal change, the photograph’s narrative potential, as well
as its evoking a wider sense of perception by means of visual and compositional elements, are several of the motifs to be found in Laura J. Padgett’s work.”

Adrian Giacomelli, Notes on Padgett

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Text copyright © Adrian Giacomelli