The architectural journal ARCH+ and I have collaborated on several occasions. During the summer of 2008 the editors asked me if I might be interested in photographing some of Bruno Taut’s housing settlements in Berlin for a special issue on his teaching philosophy. After reading up on Bruno Taut’s work and having a look at what other photographers have done over time, I made my first working visit in September 2008, chauffeured by Nikolaus Kuhnert and attended to by Anh-Linh Ngo and Richard Röhrbein. In January 2009 I returned to the task, this time accompanied by Manfred Speidel, whose historical narrative and enthusiasm made work at sub-zero temperatures almost enjoyable. I completed work for the publication in April 2009.

The following images are a selection of photographs that were published in ARCH+ issue No. 194.   In September 2017 they were republished in the special edition of Bruno Taut’s Teaching Architecture and Thoughts on Architecture.

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