About the artist

Many Told Tales, 2016
Return to Normalcy, from the series “Many Told Tales”, 2016

Laura J. Padgett is a lens based visual artist who also works in the field of architecture and art history. Throughout the years she has combined these areas in her work as artist, docent and writer. It is this balance between the practical and theoretical sides of the art historical coin that has served her when preparing exhibitions and when writing or speaking about art, photography and architecture.

Since the nineties Laura J. Padgett has produced a complex body of photographic work, adopting various genres such as architectural photography, still life and urban street photography while analyzing our ideas of communal and cultural identity.  Her work reflects the photographic medium in relation to its history and its current practice, engaging with spaces created by humans and their traces of everyday culture. Her photographs are about story telling, not the kind of narrative that indulges, but that which resonates.

all images copyright © Laura J. Padgett 1987-2016

Artist, Photographer