Laura J. Padgett
“A Few Spaces in Between” (2016)

presented at

August 21–September 30, 2020

San Francisco Cinematheque
curated by Steve Polta 

“If you want to see a masterful use of sound/image relationships, look no further than the films of Laura J. Padgett. An American who has been living in Germany for the past several years, Padgett studied with Kubelka, and her films display a gemlike precision that recalls masters like Bruce Conner and Abigail Child but show an entirely original humour and flair. Her work abjures simple sync sound in favor of a subtle, atonal hop. In 2017’s Solitaire (an edit of German documentary footage that should play before a future Sergei Loznitsa film) and 2016’s A Few Spaces In Between (a collage of European sociological imagery, reminiscent of Morgan Fisher’s 2003 film ( )), Padgett provides a virtual clinic on cinema dialectics. “

Complete Program:

Laura J. Padgett’s work explores unoccupied spaces, both real and imaginary, to reveal truths that are often overlooked. Like her subject, her work itself inhabits the spaces between photographic storytelling and installation, between language and image, between history and current affairs. While she uses photographic media the results are always more than photographic objects.

Since the nineties Padgett has produced a wide-ranging body of work, adopting various genres such as architectural photography, still life and urban street photography while exploring our ideas of communal and cultural identity.

Laura J. Padgett’s work is often displayed in public spaces and plays with scale, material and the way we interpret images and their relation to history. The breadth of her work demonstrates an ability to move fluidly between genres, based on her background in painting, art history and architecture.


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